7-9 July 2021

Mendelian randomization: harnessing the power of population diversity and family relatedness

Hosted by the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit, University of Bristol:

The focus of the Mendelian randomization conference in 2021 will be harnessing the power of population diversity and family relatedness. We will spotlight the use of trios and other family study designs which are particularly valuable for investigating intrauterine exposures and may help to overcome issues of population stratification in Mendelian randomization. We will also highlight studies identifying and using instruments for MR in diverse populations. In addition, sessions will focus on large scale and high throughput Mendelian randomization as well as new statistical methods and their application.

This year the conference will be virtual, bringing the community together online in a series of themed presentation sessions, meet the speaker discussion groups and interactive poster presentations. We will be announcing keynote talks from researchers who are leading the field in MR methods development, large scale applications using consortia data, family based studies, and identifying instruments and performing MR in non-European populations.

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To register, email mr-conference@bristol.ac.uk