A Bristol BRC researcher and his project are being considered for the British Heart Foundation Heart (BHF) Hero Award 2022 in the BHF Research Engagement Award category.

Dr Ben Gibbison and his team looked at hormone levels in patients who have undergone heart surgery to see if their care can be improved by predicting how certain hormones behave after surgery.

About one in four people stay in the intensive care unit (ICU) longer than expected after heart surgery. This can be caused by inflammation developing after surgery. This type of inflammation can be dangerous because it can affect the whole body and lead to organ failure.

Dr Gibbison’s team looked at cortisol, a steroid hormone that protects the body from developing excessive inflammation after surgery. They discovered patterns in the cortisol levels of patients who had undergone heart surgery.

Their findings could improve the care and outcomes for patients who become critically ill after major surgery.

Watch Dr Gibbison talk about his research

The BHF has asked the public to pick their favourite project from the 10 that have been showcased on their website. Nominations are open until Friday 16 September at 5pm. The three most popular projects will then be shortlisted for the award.

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Dr Ben Gibbison, said:

“The Heart Hero Awards are a great way of getting the public to find out about our research. We want people to be inspired and explore the science behind what we do. Sharing and showcasing our work in this way is important to us. We hope that it might bring is one step closer to understanding and tackling diseases of the heart and circulatory system.”