Working with the public

Public involvement is at the heart of all our research. Involving people makes our research more relevant, better designed and with clearer outcomes. From being involved in our management structure to advising on specific studies, there are many ways to get involved with us if you’re a member of the public.

A woman in a meeting smiles at the camera


We aim to:

  • Embed public involvement in our management and governance
  • Continue working with and developing our Young People’s Advisory Group and our Plain Language Panel
  • Build partnerships with representatives and organisations in under-served communities
  • Develop innovative approaches and advance public involvement into new areas
  • Develop new training resources to support public involvement
  • Use accessible evaluation tools to improve involvement practice and assess its impact

Our public involvement is led by People in Health West of England (PHWE), a nationally-recognised regional collaborative network. PHWE brings together all the parts of the regional NIHR to enable better, more consistent public involvement.