Patient and public involvement impact log


The patient and public involvement (PPI) impact log from People in Health West of England aims to improve PPI practices through regular reflection, learning and feedback.

Developed by a team of researchers and public contributors at People in Health West of England, the log is a set of questions for researchers and public contributors about the PPI activities that took place. This gives them an opportunity to reflect and report on the learnings and outcomes from these activities.

The evidence captured in the impact log captures both the public contributor’s and researcher’s perspective. It sheds light on the process of involvement, what worked and what didn’t, leading to improved ways of working together. It also contributes to the understanding of the impacts of public involvement in various contexts.

The impact log was created following a systematic review of the existing tools and resources that capture the impact of public involvement. The review revealed the need for a simple framework so researchers and public contributors could reflect on their involvement activities.

The team worked together to create a paper template (Word doc) first. They have now developed it as an online Microsoft Form. This makes the log more accessible and the information is stored in one place, although the paper version is still available for those who want it. Researchers using the log should discuss with public contributors when making the decision about whether to use the online or paper version.


Adele Webb, a public contributor who has used the log to reflect on her involvement, said:

“The impact log was easy to use, because it wasn’t asking for an onerous amount of work and had a simple format. It didn’t feel daunting.

“Most of all it helped me to focus and clarify my thinking in a more helpful way than before – both in terms of how effective the PPI had been and, very importantly, the learning points. It provided a good basis for a dialogue with the PPI Lead, going forward.

“I found no weaknesses or negatives about it, but the long term impact box was the hardest to complete, because a public contributor is not always aware of that. That in itself is a learning point.

“I found it a supportive and useful process, both for the team involved and for personal development.”

How to access and use the PPI impact log

You can download the PPI impact log below, but if you need any help, please email