Our research

We conduct translational research bridging the gap between discovery science and definitive evaluation. Our research focuses on developing and evaluating new treatments, identifying how diseases are caused and how they progress, developing innovative research methods and analysing large data sets.


Research themes

Building on Bristol’s existing expertise in key areas, our research happens across five themes. These are diet and physical activity, mental health, respiratory disease, surgical and orthopaedic innovation and translational data science.

Diet and physical activity

Researching how diet, physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight can help people lead better lives and improve their wellbeing.


Mental health

Researching how to improve mental health in society by developing new treatments, improving treatment safety and enhancing research access and participation.


Respiratory disease

Researching respiratory disease to reduce its impact on the healthcare system and improve patient outcomes, with a focus on under-served groups.


Surgical and orthopaedic innovation

Developing novel surgical and orthopaedic devices and procedures, improving patient care and outcomes, creating patient-centred, transparent systems for surgical innovation.