Understanding perceptions of risks, mitigation and innovation for surgery in a COVID-19 world

  • 5 May 2020

Researchers from the BRC’s Surgical Innovation theme are working alongside University College London on the Lotus C19 study, which aims to understand the risks in surgery in the context of COVID-19, and investigate strategies and innovations to overcome these risks.

Surgical operating theatre teams, and surgeons in particular, have some of the highest mortality rates for healthcare staff exposed to COVID-19.

The team is interviewing healthcare professionals such as surgeons, theatre nurses and anaesthetists, to investigate experiences in the UK and internationally.  So far, 39 healthcare professionals have been interviewed, including perspectives from Italy, Spain and the USA.

Dr Daisy Elliott, who is leading the study, said:

“We hope that sharing good ideas and lessons learnt will reduce risks and optimise surgical practice during the pandemic and in future adverse situations. It will also bring to light differences between centres and countries, and gaps in current guidance.”