Surgical and orthopaedic innovation

Developing novel surgical and orthopaedic devices and procedures, improving patient care and outcomes, creating patient-centred, transparent systems for surgical innovation.

Surgical team in an operating theatre, working on a patient

Our research is focused on optimising surgical and orthopaedic procedures through innovation.

Invasive procedures are undertaken in the NHS to relieve suffering and improve life expectancy. Innovation doesn’t always improve outcomes for patients and new interventions (activities or procedures) need to be assessed for how safe and effective they are. This must happen before they are evaluated during randomised controlled trials. The success of surgical innovation also depends on other interventions that take place before, during or after surgery, such as rehabilitation programmes or appropriate pain relief.

Our researchers are working with patient representatives and local communities to co-produce research. We are developing novel surgical and orthopaedic devices and procedures that will benefit patients. We are investigating how to improve outcomes and care for patients undergoing surgical procedures such as joint replacement. We are creating systems for the piloting, testing, and reporting of new surgical approaches. This will mean that surgical innovation is performed in a safe, robust, and transparent way. This will minimise harm to patients and make sure valuable lessons are widely shared.