Clinical diet and physical activity

Using dietary and physical activity interventions to improve patient health and wellbeing.

Theme Diet and physical activity

An older man is running in the woods

This workstream uses dietary and physical activity interventions to improve outcomes for young people with diabetes and adults with cancer. We adapt our interventions to the needs of different cultures, socioeconomic groups and psychological requirements. We are especially interested in reducing the negative impacts of health inequalities in children with obesity and diabetes.

Our researchers work with morbidly obese young people to develop treatment strategies suited to their psychological needs. We co-develop and test interventions to help young people with diabetes understand their treatment options better. These interventions focus on children and adolescents from underserved backgrounds.

Our researchers are also investigating whether diet and exercise can improve the quality of life of adults with cancer. We want to ask South-Asian men with prostate cancer in Bradford and other locations to help us develop a physical activity intervention. This is because obesity and physical activity impact the risk and progression of cancer to multiple sites, and we need interventions that would work in underserved communities. Our researchers are also examining how diet and exercise affects metabolic biomarkers for cancer risk and progression.