Diet and physical activity

Researching how diet, physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight can help people lead better lives and improve their wellbeing.

Front view shot of a multi generation family walking through a woodland forest

Our research is focused on diet, physical activity and helping people maintain a healthy body weight.

Improving what people eat and how active they are is important because not everyone is affected by these issues in the same way. People on a low income and those from ethnic minorities are more likely to experience the negative effects of health inequalities. Because of this we develop and test new ways of improving physical activity, diet and healthy weight maintenance through technology and innovation.

To make sure that our work prioritises the needs of those people most affected by health inequalities, we have partnered with the Bradford Institute of Health Research. Bradford is a city where 30% of adults are unemployed and 40% of the city’s wards are among some of the poorest in Britain. Joining forces will let our research teams tackle issues of nutrition and physical activity that impact the communities living in our cities most.