Developing a physical activity intervention

Theme Diet and physical activity

Workstream Clinical diet and physical activity

Status: This project is ongoing

The aim of this project is to involve South-Asian men diagnosed with prostate cancer in developing a physical activity intervention.

We will develop the intervention with the help of patient and public contributors as well as relevant stakeholders. We will use existing guidelines, evidence from previous research and the results of studies on physical activity in prostate cancer.

We will work with colleagues from the Bradford Institute of Health Research to identify South-Asian men diagnosed with prostate cancer to take part in this study. During the study we will ask men to take part in a focus group which they will do either in person or virtually.

The focus group session will explore:

  • Men’s experiences of increasing their physical activity
  • Their feedback on existing physical activity interventions (including brisk walking)
  • What stands in the way or helps them to take part in interventions
  • What motivates them (including the use of wearable activity monitors)
  • How we can measure outcomes from the study

We will use focus group data to create a model of behaviour change including the components we need for our intervention. Our findings will also be used to design additional trials and apply for external funding. We will work with Policy Bristol to develop a policy briefing document.