This workstream focuses on using biomarkers to understand, predict and evaluate treatments for mental and behavioural disorders. Biomarkers are naturally occurring genes, other molecules or characteristics in the brain or body. 

Predicting psychosis

We are developing profiles to predict the risk of psychotic experiences in relation to exposures such as cannabis. Through collaborations, we will validate these in other population samples.

Predicting self-harm/suicide

Using cohort data and epigenetic biomarkers, we are working to identify the factors that influence people to transition from suicidal thoughts to suicide attempts.

Predicting treatment response and improving therapies for depression

We aim to identify biomarkers (including psychological tests and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and personality traits, which contribute towards poor outcomes for depression treatment (for example, cognitive behavioural therapy). This helps us to understand why some people do not respond so well to certain treatments.