Understanding how new surgical procedures and devices are introduced

Theme Surgical and orthopaedic innovation

Workstream Innovative translational research methods

Status: This project is ongoing

The overall aim of this study is to understand and improve how innovative surgical procedures and devices are introduced and modified in current practice. 

We will be working with surgical teams and patients to follow how surgical innovation takes place in various NHS trusts. Our project will provide infrastructure through which we can develop and refine patient-centred methods of introducing novel surgical interventions and devices in an ethical way. 

The project itself will consist of multiple case studies looking at a broad range of surgical procedures. Case studies will use the following methods to determine how new procedures and devices are introduced:  

  • Video recording and observation of surgeries  
  • Interviews with healthcare professionals  
  • Audio recording of consultations between healthcare professionals and patients  
  • Interviews with patients  
  • Clinical and patient data collection  

Patient-centred methods for developing, piloting, testing, and reporting surgical and orthopaedic innovations will benefit patients, surgeons, and the NHS. Our findings will inform further evaluation and subsequent trials which will help to inform surgical practice and improve outcomes.   

Using qualitative research methods to understand how surgical procedures and devices are introduced into NHS hospitals: the Lotus study protocol