Using virtual reality to develop novel treatments for eating disorders

Theme Mental health

Workstream Psychological interventions

Young woman using a VR headset

The aim of this project is to develop novel treatments for eating disorders using immersive virtual reality (VR). The treatments will be designed to address different aspects of eating disorders. These aspects will be selected with the help of Patient and Public Involvement, Engagement and Participation (PPIEP) focus groups and existing evidence.

We will use the Person-Based Approach to design and optimise treatments. The Person-Based Approach methodology allows us to combine existing research evidence with iterative design. Iterative design means that we will ask people with eating disorders, their parents, carers and clinicians experienced in treating them to give us feedback on multiple occasions. We will use this feedback to design, test, analyse and refine the treatments we offer. This approach aims to ensure that the treatments we develop will be accessible to and engaging for people with eating disorders.