Clinical informatics platforms

Secure and trusted use of data at scale to improve health and care

Theme Translational data science

A clinician looks at a monitor

Integrated Care Systems (ICS) have a wealth of routinely collected data about the people in their region. This is known as administrative or routine data.

We are working to integrate these electronic health and social care records with other data in a Trusted Research Environment, sometimes called Secure Data Environments (TREs and SDEs). These environments are the preferred model for securely analysing administrative data at scale whilst protecting confidentiality.

With NHS colleagues we have created a clinical informatics platform. This integrates GP practice, hospital and social care records of around 1.1 million citizens in our regional care system. We have shared data extracts with the NIHR Health Informatics Collaborative. We also lead analysis in population-level TREs created during the pandemic.

We are implementing a new regional TRE platform providing secure access to linked routine and research data. Building on our partnership with Imperial BRC we are conducting research using linked hospital data from several trusts within a TRE.

Working with our partners at the Bradford Institute for Health Research, we are integrating regional administrative and research data as a platform for observational and experimental research. And finally, we are working with the UK Longitudinal Linkage Collaboration to develop and test a new scalable model for data integration across ICSs.