Working with industry

In NIHR Bristol BRC we have the capability to assist industrial partners, from multinationals to SMEs, to translate research into standard clinical practice. Partnering with us allows access to:

Knowledge and expertise

Our focus is on supporting industry to test new interventions for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of long-term conditions. We have clinical and research expertise across our research themes. Working across both University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Trust and the University of Bristol we have access to a wide range of expertise and technologies. The University’s Research Commercialisation team specialise in linking industry with researchers and can provide access to a range of technologies.

Unique patient cohorts

  • We have access to large patient populations. In certain specialties (e.g. cardiovascular and paediatrics) we are the major referral base for the South-West and South Wales.
  • We have access to data on large numbers of patients and populations through partnerships with other Trusts, through national and international cohorts managed by the University of Bristol (e.g. ALSPAC) and through new initiatives to integrate electronic health records.
  • Our clinical research teams are multidisciplinary, with research psychologists, nurses and dieticians embedded in our themes, who work directly with academics and trial methodologists in designing, running and evaluating trials.
  • We provide infrastructure for trials with extensive experience in acquiring regulatory approvals (e.g. HRA and ethical), randomisation and trial structure with access to two registered clinical trials units.


In Bristol, we are world leaders in population health science: interpreting data sets from large groups of people to answer questions about health and disease. In particular, we have pioneered statistical techniques that allow us to infer causal relationships using genetic data. Our colleagues in the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit have developed a platform that allows a quick and simple way to perform these analyses on large quantities of genomic data, with the expertise to support analysis and interpretation: MR-Base.

Joint funding

  • We have extensive experience of designing and carrying out novel and exploratory feasibility studies, including randomised controlled clinical trials.
  • We have a good track record of helping companies obtain funding for feasibility or proof of concept testing.


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