Jeff Brunstrom is a Professor of Experimental Psychology at the University of Bristol. He co-leads the Nutrition and Behaviour Unit, which is one of the largest groups of its kind in the UK. Major research themes include appetite control, portion size, food sustainability, and food choice.

Jeff is working with Professor Russ Jago to co-lead the diet and physical activity theme of the NIHR Bristol BRC. In this role, he is exploring whether the benefits of physical activity for weight maintenance are undermined because it ‘licences’ us to overeat. Building on an understanding of the psychology of physical activity and food intake, Jeff’s team aim to develop interventions that limit this ‘compensatory’ eating.

In a second line of research, Jeff is developing a consumer lab at the University of Bristol. With this experimental retail platform, he aims to trial simple modifications to our food environment (e.g., changes in portion size, food labelling, and food composition) that can be easily translated and applied to deliver population-wide benefits for weight maintenance and health.