Illustrator brings our surgical and orthopaedic innovation theme to life

  • 27 March 2023

A new illustration by Camille Aubry explains our surgical and orthopaedic innovation theme, bringing the theme to life for a wider public audience.

Theme co-lead Dr Vikki Wylde commissioned the illustration as she has worked with Camille on a number of projects in the past.

The illustration outlines the aims of each of the theme’s three workstreams and gives a couple of example projects for each of them.

Vikki said:

“Having worked with Camille before, I know what a great artist she is, and how she can bring complex concepts to life for people. Illustration is such an accessible way to share research, and I try to include it in research grants whenever I can. So this won’t be the last illustration we’ll produce about our theme’s work.

“I look forward to using the illustration when talking to our public contributors, and in presentations about our work.”

Camille said:

“Working with the Bristol BRC team is always a learning experience for my illustration practice. I enjoy exploring visual metaphors to propose another layer of reading of the medical discipline, to hopefully make their work more accessible to all audiences.”

View the illustration.