Nutrition, diet and lifestyle

Improving people’s health through nutrition, diet and lifestyle research

We carry out patient-focussed research in the areas of human nutrition, diet and lifestyle. Our aim is to translate basic scientific discoveries into clinical research which benefits patients and the NHS. Our researchers investigate how diet and lifestyle factors affect people with type 2 diabetes and children with chronic conditions and study what people should eat during chemotherapy and after abdominal surgery. We also study which dietary and physical activity interventions could help people with cancer.



Optimising nutrition in children with chronic disease


Diet, activity and lifestyle in people with cancer

Type 2 diabetes

Improving metabolic control in people with type 2 diabetes


Improving nutrition before, during and after treatments (the peri-treatment period)

Research case studies

Bristol Satiety Toolkit

Developing software to visualise portion size

Contributing to the evidence base of NHS England’s Complications Related to Excess Weight clinics

We investigate how behaviour (including eating speed and meal mindfulness), hormones and our
brains affect relationships with food.

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Academic Co-lead

Professor Russ Jago

Academic Co-lead

Professor Richard Martin

Theme Manager

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