Led by Professor Richard Martin and Professor Athene Lane

We conduct feasibility studies in men with prostate cancer who are undergoing a range of different treatments. The specific aims are:

  • To test the hypothesis that metformin (a drug traditionally used to treat type 2 diabetes) and lifestyle changes (physical activity and diet) could both improve these patients’ metabolic status through changes in hormone levels and growth factors, which affect tumour progression.
  • To study who will benefit most from the medical intervention (metformin) and who will benefit most from the lifestyle intervention (changes to physical activity and diet).
  • To examine whether changes in metabolic status are associated with improved recovery from surgery and reduced adverse effects of treatment.
  • To investigate whether there are any patient factors (genetic or non-genetic) that can predict which intervention works best.

The feasibility studies will help to inform larger trials testing similar hypotheses in prostate and other cancers.