Design novel complex interventions to optimise outcomes after elective surgery

Led by Professor Rachael Gooberman-Hill, researcher Dr Katie Whale

Joint replacement operations are common in the UK today. People have this type of operation to relieve pain and improve their mobility. We now know that up to one in five people who have this kind of operation will have long-term pain afterwards. Our research aims to improve how well people do after this kind of operation.

Our research is developing ways to support people through their joint replacement operations, so that they can have the best chance of a good outcome afterwards. We are focusing on practical help that can be given, particularly how to improve people’s sleep. This is because we know that better sleep reduces people’s pain, and that reduced pain improves sleep.

The research is finding out how to improve people’s sleep around the time of knee replacement. We are looking at what research has already been done and are speaking with people about their sleep at the time of knee replacement. Using this information we will work with health professionals and patients to work out how best to support people’s sleep. We will then design research to find out whether we help people to have better sleep, and whether this then means that they have better outcomes after a joint replacement.