Network meta-analyses to identify active novel interventions

Led by: Professor Nicky Welton

Surgical procedures are complex interventions that interact with other interventions within a surgical trial, to influence outcomes. Other interventions could include wound dressings, anaesthesia, other medications, physiotherapy and pre-existing medical conditions. A better understanding of the effects of different interventions (or intervention combinations) on outcomes has the potential to inform surgical treatment. To gain a better understanding, we will conduct a network meta-analysis (NMA), which enables the simultaneous comparison of multiple interventions in a single analysis, respecting the randomised structure of the evidence. This includes:

  • synthesising the literature in two case studies where evidence for multiple novel (but potentially interacting) interventions is available
  • applying NMA to these case studies to identify active interventions or pairs of interventions for further evaluation:
    • case study 1: in collaboration with Dr Jo Dumville of the Wounds Research Group in the Manchester BRC, to identify promising packages of care to help reduce the risk of surgical site infection
    • case study 2: to identify effective features of endovascular interventions for chronic lower limb peripheral artery disease.