The BRIST-IVF study delivery team

We are the BRIST-IVF study delivery team: Annie Deacon and Sophie Wickham (Research Midwives), and Joanne Thompson (Research Nurse). We manage all aspects of study delivery at the Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine (BCRM), including recruiting participants, taking measurements, processing samples in the laboratory and managing data collection.

Our work has given us insight into the impact that infertility and pregnancy loss has on families. Research into the environmental and biological factors that can influence IVF success and investigating the long term effects of IVF on parents and their babies is both valuable and exciting.

The BRIST-IVF study is open to couples, which includes same sex couples, as well as individuals undergoing fertility treatment.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have changed our approach to how we introduce and deliver the BRIST-IVF study with emphasis on participant safety being paramount.

Where possible we are avoiding face to face contact and instead we are presenting the study by video, alongside the BCRM Patient Information Presentation (PIP), which potential participants can access at their convenience. We have provided a link at the end of the video for those choosing to express an interest in the study, which we will follow up with a telephone/video call to discuss the study further. If individuals choose to participate, the consent process can now be conducted remotely and at a time convenient to them.

We then arrange to collect study measures following one of the participants’ BCRM appointments, which include samples of blood or saliva and urine as well as blood pressure, height and weight measurements.

Where study participants have consented to be contacted for the follow up part of the study, we provide an information pack following their seven week pregnancy scan at the BCRM. Or, when study participants return for further treatment we approach them again to obtain consent for further study samples.

We see these changes as providing a safer, more flexible delivery of the study, allowing participants’ time for consideration prior to consent.

In recognising the value this research will be to future couples and individuals undergoing IVF treatment, we are delighted to be able to reopen the BRIST-IVF study and welcome new participants.

Watch the participant information video

This video explains the BRIST-IVF study in detail and how you can take part.