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Using sophisticated biological and mathematical analysis techniques to understand the causes of disease and how it progresses

Increasing the chance of survival and reducing complications for patients undergoing cardiac surgery

Targeting new and existing treatments for common mental and behavioural disorders

Improving people's health through nutrition, diet and lifestyle research

Working with patients and members of the public to improve our research

Improving the health of women and their children

Developing better ways to evaluate new surgical techniques and devices

Bringing together researchers with internationally recognised expertise in qualitative research

Applying cutting-edge data analysis techniques to all areas of research

Latest research news

Encouraging older people to walk further and more frequently

16 October 2020

A new study which aims to understand why some people find walking difficult is looking ...

Risk of self-harm increases for boys and girls who experience earlier puberty

6 October 2020

Boys and girls who experience puberty earlier than their peers have an increased risk of ...